26 May 2016

Bow tie alternatives - Office collection

If you visited my shop recently, you might have noticed new layout as well as new items. Below is a little sneak peek of new Office collection. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Simple Black geometric bow tie alternative  It goes well with any 1 color shirt. It is also unisex. 

You can choose this one in any color you want. Select from options at the check out. 

Black geometric unisex collar accessory from Office range 

11 April 2016

Geometric collar accessories

Here is a little update from my shop. I've added couple more geometric accessories there ( or let's call them  bow tie alternatives as per my previous posts).  Hope you like them!

Sparkle your ordinary office shirt with this Turquoise ombre geometric collar necklace £17

Or this one in combination of black and white £17

If you want something a little bit bold, try this triangle shaped bow tie alternative £14

Let me know which one do you like the most? 

08 March 2016

5 minutes DIY fitted sheet for moses basket

My due date is pretty close now, so I am trying to finish all little sewing projects for the little one. Today I made fitted sheet from spare fabric and it took me basically 5-7 minutes with all the measuring, cutting & sewing. I can imagine how often sheets need to be changed when it comes to baby, so I will definitely do more! 

Take the mattress out of the moses basket and put on fabric. Allow 3 inches for seaming on each side when cutting the fabric.

Sew a casing seam all the way around the fabric and then sew on elastic band. I used 5mm thin elastic band.  Don't forget to stretch it  when sewing on!

And that's it! Easy peasy!