28 December 2010

Waiting for sun-beam*

As Santa brought me an external hard disk this year I decided to go through all pictures of my designs, photo shoots, sewing, ...   I think some of these deserve to be published! 

I will start with one photo shoot which was created almost 1 year ago but I didn't published it afterwards. Photos were taken by my boyfriend Jozef (http://www.hupodesign.com/) near by Kinsale in Ireland. 

I remember it was terrible weather at that day and my whole body was benumbed with cold. My heals were drowned in mud and fingers were chilled to the bone! I think the name "Waiting for sun-beam" is perfect for this photo shoot!

The beauty of this dress is that it has simple lines and lovely tree print on the front. There is huge V-shaped neckline on the back side.

This skirt is made of the same fabric as the above model. It’s super-comfy to wear, fits well, and perfect for everyday use. It fits to almost all sizes thanks to an adjustable waist stripe.

This was such a fun project. I started out with basic dress pattern shapes and I just played around with them until they looked right to me. 

I loved working on the above dress. I was inspired by Origami at that time and I  wanted to create dress with a touch of this cute Japanese art. I tried to combine folded fabric pieces and create something unusual, geometric but still nice and elegant. I also made tiny origami butterfly pin for this dress but it's not visible on the pictures. I will try to find more detailed picture to show you exactly what I mean :)

27 November 2010

Origami in fashion

I was always fascinated with origami fashion ... or let’s say GEOMETRY in FASHION. Clothes like boxes standing away from the body, sculpted silhouettes, monochrome colours- all that have brought something new, special and so unique into FASHION. It is not just a piece of clothes. It is  a fantasy, diversity of the ordinary fashion trends!  Let’s have a look at few pictures which I would like to share with you!
The Plato Collection by Amila Hrustic

Some amazing works by Mauricio Velasquez Posada

Chanel Origami creations

The last spot which I would like to share with you are these awesome mirrored heels by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves. They are origami-inspired shoes that will definitely turn heads. The mirrored heels are booties covered in asymmetrical mirrors and reflect your surroundings to create a trippy walking experience.

22 November 2010

My new design - MEGA NECK WARMER*

For those days when you need extra protection, don’t leave home without neck warmer. It is essential for the winter season whenever you are.

The neck warmer itself is made from 2 layers of cotton fabric and fleece to maintain your neck and throat protected from the cold breeze.

One size - suitable for men or women

These two types are available for purchase at http://www.mirkadesign.etsy.com/

02 November 2010

Get a school-girl look!

School-girl look is back again. Whether you’ve been hitting the books this fall or not, you can still incorporate a little schoolgirl chic into your look.

Just play with bits and pieces from your wardrobe. You will be surprised what you can combine all together. Classic school-girls skirt, cotton socks or cute girly blouse make excellent additions to any fall wardrobe.

Don't be scared to add bow, headband, ribbon or cute pins & clips

I have put these outfits together with new and older pieces from my wardrobe. Hope you enjoy them!

For those who wants to add a bit of seriousness into the outfit or for those who likes wearing school look outfits at work, meetings, ..

Explore your wardrobe and get a school-girl look now!

03 October 2010

Pencil holder made of used thread rolls

It is time to tidy up and recycle at the same time! This is a fun project which I was working on yesterday evening.
I sew a lot. It means I use a lot of threads weekly. I keep all these little rolls in one box with no reason. I use to just throw them into my drawer after the thread is finished.  I was wondering what I could do to make these cute rolls useful.  Then I got an idea to make a pencil holder and keep my pencils tidy. So here is what I created yesterday. I hope you like it!!

If you want to make the same pencil holder for yourself follow the instructions below.
What you need?

-few used thread rolls
- small piece of carton
- glue
- thread

1.  Arrange rolls in order you like

2.  Glue front side of the carton piece and attach it on rolls. Let dry before continuing ( approx. 2 hours). An alternative option instead of using glue is to use a thin and strong double sided sticky tape. Use scissors to trim any pieces of carton that are sticking out above rolls.

3. Drag the thread through the carton and make knot at the end.

4. Now you can hang up your pencil on your work room wall, notice board, ..

If you like or dislike this project please leave me a comment. I would appreciate your opinion, suggestions. Thank you!!

28 September 2010

Top "Off the shoulders"

We all know girls like clothing, buying different kinds of dresses, tops, shoes and accessories. Yes, I am one of them, …. Unfortunately :) It is a disease what you simply can’t stop. But what makes me “double excited” about the clothing is when I can create these treasures by myself!

This time I created three tops what have the same design, but different fabric. Tops suit to all shapes of body. Simple lines on the tops can be worn any time, any day, by anyone. Boat opening around your shoulders makes looking your body just perfect in it!

These off the shoulder tops have 3 quarter extra wide sleeves for a free flowing look. 

Half exposed shoulders = sexy look. Simple math :)

These one of a kind wide necked tops can be dressed over a mini skirt, jeans or leggings. Each way, lovely fabric detail and pattern adds very youthful and sexy sense of adventure. You will look great in it!

All the tops are available here

23 September 2010

Laptop sleeves..or Treat your laptop with something useful!

We use laptops every day. Somebody uses a laptop for work, somebody for entertainment and for somebody it is… let’s say the need of the day! We get use to check mails as a first thing when we get home from work (school), write a comment on Facebook, read news on internet... Laptops (computers as well as internet)  have become part of our life. They have changed the face of society. A lot of people can’t imagine existing without them!

As laptops are a daily utility, we should take care of them, protect them. That’s why I decided to create sleeves what protect your laptop from dust, scratches, and abrasions, as well as water damage and other dangers harmful to your computer.

Buying a laptop can cost you a large chunk of cash these days, so it is wise to protect your investment.

I create laptop sleeves for all types, brands and sizes. I design the sleeve to fit the laptop specifically. I always ask my customers to send me the measurements of their laptop or type of their laptop.

My sleeves are lightweight, padded with 3 mm PVC foam insert, lined with soft cotton fabric and secured with straps or velcro flap which keep the laptop from sliding out of the sleeve. Combination of foam and lining protects the laptop from dings, scratches, water, and other harmful external forces.

Most of these laptops are available on viewing and purchasing at