12 November 2012

Gift ideas for Christmas

Picking Christmas presents should be fun and easy! I want to show  you some gift ideas for everyone available online at www.etsy.com. Hopefully this will make your shopping easier this year! :) 

Silver Faceted Bar Ring $125.00

Brian the Bear Lambswool Plush - Made to order $48.00

geometric wool shawl $77.00

Handmade sparkling white polymer clay brooch with the handpainted writing  $17.00

natural white birch wood coaster - set of 4   $24.00

Coconut and Brown Sugar Scrub 8oz in Ball Jar $14.00

City Canvas Backpack in Hand Dyed Stormy Weather Ombre $160.00

Silk Scarf Hand painted Golden Autumn stole in Brown and Amber tone $32.00
Salt & Pepper Shaker "icosa" $35.00

Mustard  bow tie $37.00

Gift FOR KIDS Fox MITTENS Gloves $27.00

Thistledown Cashmere and Wool Hat  $40.00

Salted Fudge  $8.00

Women Slipper Socks  $70.00

Mini Wood Bowls, Set of Two $16.00

Coffee sachet heart magnet $ 7.50

Find more HAND MADE gifts at ETSY and don't forget to visit my shop too!  
Happy shopping! 

22 August 2012

Geometric rings

Hey guys, 
Have you seen my new online shop? I thought I would share some great handmade items with you. Here are pics of some unique geometric rings made by talented american artist. Take time to visit my shop and feel free to share it! 

So, Which one do you like the most? 

Find more unique jewels here

16 August 2012

TASTE THE ORIGINAL - my new online shop

Hi Everyone, 

I thought I would let you know that I have finally opened my new online shop offering various fashion accessories created by talented artists from all over the world. All products are 100% hand-made! It is called TASTE THE ORIGINAL. 

Please visit my website and share your opinion & suggestions under this post. Also feel free to share the site with your friends on FB, your blog, Twitter or wherever you want :) Thank you ...I hope you enjoy my new store!

01 August 2012

Start Small, Go Big!

Have you heard about the contest called "Start Small, Go Big"? Do you have a small business and want to make it bigger? Then start here

It's DailyCandy's third annual Start Small, Go Big contest. It has famously helped small businesses scale and soar, and they are now accepting entries!!

In it for the winners are great prices, such as:

  • A round-trip ticket to NYC for you and a guest this fall
  • Exclusive one-on-one sessions with famed mentors
  • Entrance into the DailyCandy Academy in NYC, including shop talks with industry experts and lab sessions with influential marketing, venture capital, PR, and finance professionals
  • A bash in your honor
  • A write-up in a coveted DailyCandy email
  • Exposure to DailyCandy's audience of 1.5 million consumers on social media
  • A constant presence on DailyCandy.com proven to build small businesses

Click here for more details: Start Small, Go Big - DailyCandy

25 July 2012

What's new in my Etsy shop?

Hi Guys, 
I would like to share my new bags with you. Please leave a comment if you like them and if not leave a critical comment! I want to hear (read) your opinion. I want to know what would you change, what you don't like/ like  about them. Thank you!  

03 July 2012

All about the studs!

Studs on clothing have been very popular for last few months. You can see them on all celebs bags, jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes, everywhere! So here is a little preview of my favorite studded clothes & accessories and of course something studded from my shop! 

Black leather studded jacket

White shirt with studded collar. Buy here

Sleeveless blouse with studded collar

Stunning golden jacket covered with various studs 

White leather studded bag. Buy here

White studded blazer

Black studded jeans

Felt jacked covered with studs! Love it!

Amazing men's studded jacket

Black leather studded bag. Buy here

22 May 2012

DIY - Envelopes made from fashion magazines

Do you find hard to bin fashion magazines? Well, I do. I find it very inspiring to look through those glossy pages and see various fashion clothing. They are useful resorts for me as I sew and design a lot. What I only dislike about the fashion magazines is that they are full of adverts! Errrr... But back to the point. I wanted to use these old fashion magazines somehow. I made vintage envelopes just couple days ago and I was thinking this could be great project for recycling magazines as well. So I created these tiny little envelopes to hold my business cards!

If you want to do this craft here is the tutorial: 
What do you need?

-          Old fashion magazines, such as Elle, Vogue, ..
-          A pair of scissors
-          Pencil
-          Glue stick
-          Ruler
-          Carton/cardboard (i.e. cereal box)


             1. Draw and cut a template out from carton as per below picture.

2. Now place your carton template on magazine paper, draw the lines

3. cut  your envelope with a pair of scissors. 

4. Fold it up. Do the sides first then use the folded sides as a guide on where to fold the top and bottom.

5. Use a glue stick to stick your envelope together.

And that’s it! Enjoy your new recycled envelopes. You can use them as a gift card envelope; business card holder or you can store small things in it such as earrings, rings.. You can also draw bigger templates and do larger envelopes for wrapping a book, cosmetic, accessories or whatever gift you want to wrap up!