03 October 2010

Pencil holder made of used thread rolls

It is time to tidy up and recycle at the same time! This is a fun project which I was working on yesterday evening.
I sew a lot. It means I use a lot of threads weekly. I keep all these little rolls in one box with no reason. I use to just throw them into my drawer after the thread is finished.  I was wondering what I could do to make these cute rolls useful.  Then I got an idea to make a pencil holder and keep my pencils tidy. So here is what I created yesterday. I hope you like it!!

If you want to make the same pencil holder for yourself follow the instructions below.
What you need?

-few used thread rolls
- small piece of carton
- glue
- thread

1.  Arrange rolls in order you like

2.  Glue front side of the carton piece and attach it on rolls. Let dry before continuing ( approx. 2 hours). An alternative option instead of using glue is to use a thin and strong double sided sticky tape. Use scissors to trim any pieces of carton that are sticking out above rolls.

3. Drag the thread through the carton and make knot at the end.

4. Now you can hang up your pencil on your work room wall, notice board, ..

If you like or dislike this project please leave me a comment. I would appreciate your opinion, suggestions. Thank you!!