27 November 2010

Origami in fashion

I was always fascinated with origami fashion ... or let’s say GEOMETRY in FASHION. Clothes like boxes standing away from the body, sculpted silhouettes, monochrome colours- all that have brought something new, special and so unique into FASHION. It is not just a piece of clothes. It is  a fantasy, diversity of the ordinary fashion trends!  Let’s have a look at few pictures which I would like to share with you!
The Plato Collection by Amila Hrustic

Some amazing works by Mauricio Velasquez Posada

Chanel Origami creations

The last spot which I would like to share with you are these awesome mirrored heels by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves. They are origami-inspired shoes that will definitely turn heads. The mirrored heels are booties covered in asymmetrical mirrors and reflect your surroundings to create a trippy walking experience.

22 November 2010

My new design - MEGA NECK WARMER*

For those days when you need extra protection, don’t leave home without neck warmer. It is essential for the winter season whenever you are.

The neck warmer itself is made from 2 layers of cotton fabric and fleece to maintain your neck and throat protected from the cold breeze.

One size - suitable for men or women

These two types are available for purchase at http://www.mirkadesign.etsy.com/

02 November 2010

Get a school-girl look!

School-girl look is back again. Whether you’ve been hitting the books this fall or not, you can still incorporate a little schoolgirl chic into your look.

Just play with bits and pieces from your wardrobe. You will be surprised what you can combine all together. Classic school-girls skirt, cotton socks or cute girly blouse make excellent additions to any fall wardrobe.

Don't be scared to add bow, headband, ribbon or cute pins & clips

I have put these outfits together with new and older pieces from my wardrobe. Hope you enjoy them!

For those who wants to add a bit of seriousness into the outfit or for those who likes wearing school look outfits at work, meetings, ..

Explore your wardrobe and get a school-girl look now!