04 April 2013

DIY - Elbow patched jumper

The Elbow patches - For someone it is the latest fashion statement, for someone it is just the way how to fix the hole on her/his favorite jumper. For whatever reason  you have just found this post - here is how you do it!  

What you need:
- jumper 
- piece of fabric ( leather, leatherette, denim, manchester, firm cotton, ..)
- pair of scissors 
- paper
- pins
- sewing machine /  overlocker (not necessary )

1. On a piece of paper draw the shape of the patch - it can be simple "O" shape, or cute hearts, squares - whatever you fancy.. 
2. Pin the paper shape to piece of fabric and cut it with scissors ( x2)
3. Seam the edges with sewing machine or overlocker. It will stop fabric from fraying, but it's not necessary if you use leather, leatherette or suede. 


4. Use a ripper or a pin to tie the thread ends

5.Try the sweater on, place the patches at elbow level and pin them on sweater. Just make sure they are both at the same level.

6.  Now you can sew the patches to the sweater by sewing machine or by hand. I sew it by hand as the sleeve or neck hole wasn't wide enough to put it through the sewing machine arm. 

7. Ta daaaaaaaaaa... Elbow patched jumper is live!