29 April 2012

Mother's day - hand made gift ideas!

If you don't have a gift for your mom yet, have a look at below ideas that I chose from Etsy today. Hope you like them!  

Mother's day card $4.00

Hand- made natural  soap set $17.00

Personal Journal or Diary $17.75
Home is ... framed stitch art $82.00

Honeydew Melon Soy candle $8.00

Hand printed tea towel $18.00

Soft leather ballet flats $70.00

Funny Canvas Tote bag "Mom since" $34.95 

Peach Coffe cup $12.50

Front pleated silk blouse $ 84.00

Yoga Mat bag $35.00

Shop for Mom today to get her special something shipped in time for Mother's Day! 

25 April 2012

DIY scarf

I have loads of remaining pieces of fabrics which I only store in paper bags for "someday" craft projects. Now it's time to start using them! This time I decided to do a scarf in combination of grey leaf printed cotton and  light grey jersey.  

  1. Choose 2 fabrics you like. I chose light-grey jersey fabric and light grey cotton fabric with cute leaves print. 
  2. Cut two long rectangles from each fabric in same length and width. My scarf is made from 170 cm (67 inches) long and 42 cm (16.5 inches) wide rectangles. 
  3. Pin and stitch the sides right sides together to create a long tube.
  4. pull the tube right side out, and pin the seams at the two open ends.
  5. Stitch both sides separately to create long stole
  6. This is it! Very easy 1 hour project! 

Does this scarf look more like a circle scarf? That's because I tied the scarf ends below the front fold! Here are other ways how you can tie a scarf. Isn't it great? (source: Pinterest)

22 April 2012

Triangle print laptop sleeve for a custom order

I posted "Geometry influenced Fashion" article just yesterday and I must  thank to all of you for so many views! As geometry in Fashion succeed I decided to post some pictures of "Triangles" laptop sleeve which I made for Rebecca - an amazing stylish girl and great blogger!  

This laptop sleeve is made of my favorite fabric - colorful triangle print cotton. You could see this fabric here also.

This laptop sleeve, as well as all my laptop sleeves, is made of strong 100% cotton, lined with white fabric and padded with thin PVC foam. This one is also interfaced with thick vliseline for extra protection.

Would you like to see this geometric laptop sleeve in my shop

21 April 2012

Geometry inspired Fashion

As you could read in my post from November, I love origami influenced fashion as well as geometry inspired fashion.  Do you remember drawing all those various shapes at school, such as triangles, rectangles, diamonds, hexagons or circles? Honestly Math and Geometry weren't my favorite subjects but now I just love to see all those geometric shapes on fabrics or dress patterns! No matter if you choose a tight dress or lose shirt, as long as it has some geometric design, it will surely look great this season!   

Rider pink leggings $60.00

I have chosen few items inspired by geometry from my shop too. You have probably seen these already!

Triangles geometric print clutch $32.00

Studded Leather zippered pouch $48.00

Circle print closure clutch $32.00

Ivory Polygon 3D printed fold over clutch  $39.00

What do you think about Geometry in Fashion? Do you like it personally?