03 May 2012

DIY Dog Bed

If you have a dog you know how hard is to keep his bed clean at all times. My dog Floo has several pillows and I wash these almost every week! I have quite small washing machine and sometimes it's difficult to get rid of all the dirt as pillows are quite huge :-/ That's why I decided to sew a pillow case that I can easily remove and wash properly anytime it's necessary. 

What you need:
- 2 rectangles of durable fabric such as denim, corduroy, or heavy cotton
- 4 side rectangles (as on picture)
- fiberfill stuffing or previously used dog pillow (in my case),
- zip 16-18 inches long
- sewing machine & polyester or cotton thread
- scissors, chalk and ruler

1. Measure pillow first. My pillow is 65 cm long, 60 cm wide and 10 cm high. 
2. Cut two large rectangles ( length x width ) and 4 side rectangles ( 2 rectangles = length x height and 2 rectangles = width x height ) from desired fabric as per below picture:

3. Pin and sew all side rectangles together to create large "square". If you want to make the project easier use only 1 long stripe for sides instead of cutting 4 smaller rectangles. I personally think the pillow looks better when sides are created from 4 individually cut rectangles.

4. Pin and sew this "square" with one large rectangle together. Make sure right sides of fabric face each other. For added durability, create a second row of stitches right inside the first row of stitches.

When you turn right side out you should have now clean edges like this on each side:

5. Pin and sew sides of "square" to the other rectangle. Leave 1 shorter side open. We will add a zipper to this side shortly.

6. If zip is shorter than width of the pillow, sew few cm/inches from each side.

7. Sew the last piece of "square" and zipper together using a zip footer. Make sure you leave a zip half open so you can turn right side out through it when you're finished! 

8. Turn your case right-side-out and fill it with a pillow. And that's it! You have just created easy-to-remove, machine washable pet bed!

If you have any question about the project or any recommendation and useful links please leave a comment! Thanks!!


  1. Great! I'd like to have this idea myself! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! it is very easy project. If you have a sewing machine you will have it done in few hours! :)

  2. nice :) floo is amazing and i think that he loves his "dog bed"

    1. Thank you, He is amazing indeed! I think this bed became his favorite! :)

  3. I am VERY familiar with the stinky dog bed problem, they don't care if they've just been out and it's rainy and muddy, if they want to be in their bed, the bed will just have to suffer lol.
    This technique works fantastic! I did a few a while back but used buttons instead of a zipper, the zipper works better though.

    Also with the constant bed cover changes, you've got the option for different pattern/color beds to change up.

  4. This is a lovey instructions. I am trying to make my own doggie bed and this tutorial is perfect.

  5. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  6. Greatly appreciated that you shared the materials to use and the simple step-by-step instructions on making a DIY dog bed. Nice!

  7. What kind of doggie is your model?

    1. Floo is mixed breed. He's got something from a Jack Russell. When people ask my what breed is he I reply: 'He is Cork's-mix' as that's the town where he was born. I love him to pieces, he is amazing dog

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  10. Hey thanks for sharing this post. It's really very helpful. Joss (my lab) always sleeps next to me. But somewhere i feel that he is not quite happy about as the next morning i find him in the living room sleeping on a rug. So i decided to buy dog beds for him so that he sleeps as comfortably as i do on my bed and i will surely try to make one for him with these tips :)