28 December 2010

Waiting for sun-beam*

As Santa brought me an external hard disk this year I decided to go through all pictures of my designs, photo shoots, sewing, ...   I think some of these deserve to be published! 

I will start with one photo shoot which was created almost 1 year ago but I didn't published it afterwards. Photos were taken by my boyfriend Jozef (http://www.hupodesign.com/) near by Kinsale in Ireland. 

I remember it was terrible weather at that day and my whole body was benumbed with cold. My heals were drowned in mud and fingers were chilled to the bone! I think the name "Waiting for sun-beam" is perfect for this photo shoot!

The beauty of this dress is that it has simple lines and lovely tree print on the front. There is huge V-shaped neckline on the back side.

This skirt is made of the same fabric as the above model. It’s super-comfy to wear, fits well, and perfect for everyday use. It fits to almost all sizes thanks to an adjustable waist stripe.

This was such a fun project. I started out with basic dress pattern shapes and I just played around with them until they looked right to me. 

I loved working on the above dress. I was inspired by Origami at that time and I  wanted to create dress with a touch of this cute Japanese art. I tried to combine folded fabric pieces and create something unusual, geometric but still nice and elegant. I also made tiny origami butterfly pin for this dress but it's not visible on the pictures. I will try to find more detailed picture to show you exactly what I mean :)