16 February 2012

Cooperation with Wind & Willow online shop

Wind & Willow has just opened their amazing online shop full of hand-made gifts, home decoration, stationary and much more. I like this shop not only for offering a great range of hand-made products but also for neat website design, simplicity and whole store idea.

I am honoured to be a part of their start up! Here are my clutches made for Wind & Willow spring collection. Feel free to click & share.

Below items are my favourite from Wind & Willow shop. I can imagine having these in my home. They could be a great gift for someone too!

Upward Salt and Pepper Bowls

Buttercup Soy Candle

Herb stakes

Woven bowl

If you like this unique online shop and want to get updates please follow Wind & Willow blog here  and you will never miss new items!

05 February 2012

DIY project - dust cover for a printer

My next sewing project is a printer cover. I have received an order in which I was asked to do a cover in orange & red toned fabric. The customer has two kids and a cat and wants to keep all electronics devices out of their reach. I have sewn a laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve and padded bag for her already and I was so happy to receive another order from her.

I would like to share this project with you as I think our printers deserve a little bit of maintenance and protection too. My printer is usually covered in dust when not in use to be honest. So now it's the right time to change it. Let's do this together!

step 1: find out your printer's dimensions or measure it by yourself. In my case the printer dimensions are 62 x 37 x 23 cm.

step 2: Choose fabric/fabrics you like. Cut out 5 rectangles from desired fabric. I cut out 3 rectangles from orange heavy cotton fabric and 2 from Tulip fabric as follows: 

2 x rectangles from Tulip fabric - 62.5 x 23.5 cm  (printer length x printer height) + add seam allowance (1.5 cm for each side)
2 x rectangles from orange fabric - 37.5 x 23.5 cm (printer width x printer height) + seaming allowance
1 x rectangle from orange fabric - 62.5 x 37.5 cm (printer length x printer width) + seaming allowance

step 4. Pin orange rectangles right sides together as per below picture ( the longest rectangle stays in the middle) and sew.
step 5: Pin & sew the Tulip rectangles to the orange sides (as per below picture) 

and then sew on the top sides. You should have now cuboid shaped cover without a bottom.

step 6: Turn the cover up side down and hem it to avoid ripping of the fabric. You should do this step at the start. You should hem all rectangles separately. That's the right way to do that. I only did it at the end as I was lazy and this way is faster!

step 7: Iron the cover, straighten up the edges and... that's it! Enjoy your new dust cover made by yourself! :)    

You can use the same pattern and make dust covers for other machines which you don't use too much like sewing machine, photocopier, scanning machine, or  an old drawer, bookshelf, shoe rack ...

04 February 2012

Interview time*

I was interviewed twice over the past two weeks! Please check out an amazing blog Tokki and Oliver 

and also The Unprecedented ! 
Thank you so much Sue and Randa!