19 September 2011

What's new at MirkaDesign?

Hi everyone,  

I would like to share some listings which I added to my shop recently. What do  you think about them? Would you like to wear any of these? Do you have any suggestions how to improve them?  Would you change material, colours, pattern?
2. Accessories ( headbands & bracelets) suitable for any occasion

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

09 September 2011

Braided Layered scarf – DIY project

The summer is over whether we want it or not. It’s getting colder, colors are coming to the trees and it’s just a right time to replace your summer closet with warm sweaters, long pants and heavy jackets. Considering how cold it’s been lately, I decided to do a few scarves for myself.

I found a tutorial for this scarf on Internet few days ago and I just couldn’t wait to do this project. It is very first scarf I made and I am not completely happy with a result BUT I am planning to do more and improve it in future so hopefully I will be happier with those.

It is very easy project to do. All you have to do is cut as many fabric stripes as you like and braid as many ropes as you like. If you wander what fabric you should use I would recommend viscose or some lightweight fabric. You can use a fabric width as a length of stripes (cca 61 inches/ 150 cm). Fabric stripes should have different width for each braided rope ( I used only 2 ropes which I made of 3 fabric stripes -12 and 10 inches width) I am going to do more ropes for each scarf in future. I think it will look better.

Then hand sew (or machine sew) each rope's ends together. Do the same with some wider stripe of fabric, which you might also gather a little, as it will be on the back of your neck. To keep all ropes together take some remaining fabric, or some interesting fabric stripe or lace and pin it onto the seams. Hand sew the piece on all parts of the scarf.

So, what do you think? Do you like the scarf?