28 June 2011

Fabric Origami Bracelet - my new craft project!*

I have always been fascinated in origami craft, especially origami in fashion. It is great to get an amazing object after following a few paper folding steps. Some origami are very easy to follow, some are not that easy but it is always fun  to create something from small piece of paper. This time I tried to transform this amazing paper craft to a little bit different level. I used a fabric instead of paper. It took me a while to find good fabric which doesn't gape too much and keeps folds together. And I think I found it! Here is the result!

 This bracelet adds a sparkle to any outfit!

The bracelets look great in pair too! You can get 15% discount for your entire order if you order more than 1 bracelet in my shop

Please leave me a feedback! Do you like the bracelet?

25 June 2011

Good morning sunshine!

This is my latest project - blouse made by me last minute before leaving Cork to Malaga for holidays. I used white&red flower fabric which was originally sold as a duvet cover :)  When I saw it in the shop I imagined some nice summer dress or top made from it as the material was very soft and breathable, also very light. So I bought it and finally I decided to make a summer casual blouse. 

What I really like about this blouse is Carmen-Style neckline. It exposes your shoulders just enough to feel sun heat from above :)

I would like to know your opinion. Do you like the pattern? What about a fabric choice ? Would you change anything? 

All the above pictures were taken in Malaga streets by JH . Would you like to taste a little bit of Malaga? Click here to check out a video from our holidays! Enjoy! :)

11 June 2011

Hot international picks on Etsy (part 2)

I fell in love in with so many pieces listed on Etsy for this summer. It was quite hard to pick the top items. That's why I don't do this selections so often :) So here are some hot finds which you can't miss this summer. Enjoy!


C-shaped design, lovely structure and universal colors! That's Rhizome Cuff  made by nervoussystem (Shutesbury, U.S.A.)

beautifully made multi-triangle earrings listed by yumiendo (Sydney & NY,U.S.A.)

Gorgeous snugblossom-lemon-wooden-necklace made by snugstudio (Germany)

And finally very catching, nice and funny accessory - Iphone case by Tokyoinspired (Milan, Italy)

2. Tops & dress:

Slim dress listed by Yuan123 (Henan, China)

Moon Pearl cotton sateen dress by hierapparel (Minneapolis, U.S.A)

bouquet-top made by zoranafrkic (Split, Croatia)

Hand Painted Silk Tank by ConiMatta (Milan,Italy) 

Coco dress by threelittleducksaust (Sydney, Australia)

futuristic-dress by zoephobic (Budapest, Hungary)

tunic made by isabelamyo (France, Europe)

3. Swim-suits & others:

Bathing suit made by ruffeoheartslilsnoty (Brooklyn, U.S.A)

leg-warmers by SockBox (Latvia, EU)

Swimsuit made by plhi (Barcelona, Spain)