13 June 2015

Photo book converted into Jewelry organizer

Do you also have those days when you are in hurry and you can't  find  that necklace that goes well with your dress? Your jewels are all over the place, some are in a bathroom, some in a wardrobe, some in a bag. You end up running from one room to another and at the end you decide to wear no accessory at all, because nothing is as good as that damn  necklace that you bought just last week. Where did I put it???

So, as I like recycling I decided to to convert an older photo book into jewelry organizer. I like its cover so much that I thought it would be nice to look at it more often. The cover is a beautiful Japanese style silk fabric in light purple color with golden embroidery.   

I pierced pages with a  needle. Then I pull through a little black hair clips that I used as a jewelry holders. 

All my necklaces, earrings, bracelets are now  at one place

And it's easy to store

Now I can enjoy and actually see all my jewels and of course  save a lot of time in the morning too! 

11 June 2015

DIY - Hand painted wood necklace

This necklace is so easy to make,  all you need is:

- piece of wood (ideally flat, polished &  pre-drilled) I used my old earring so that was easy  
- tape (either masking tape or just an office tape)
- nail varnishes of your choice

And then just simply use a tape to create straight line and to cover the parts that you don't want to paint. Wait until first coat dry up, remove tape and then apply new tape in different angle. Apply second nail varnish and then third and so on.. You can create amazing geometric shapes just under 5 minutes.  Go ahead, show me yours!