24 November 2011

Christmas decoration ideas

Here are some ideas how  you can decorate your home this Christmas. You can either do it yourself or buy some of these items in my shop
1. Christmas fabric hearts - This cute hearts will bring pleasure and color to your home at Christmas. It is made from red & white cotton fabric and it’s stuffed with soft polyester. 

It's  great for hanging on a door knob, cabinet door or shelf hook! 
available for purchase here
2.  Christmas bone for your dog - well, this cute bone can't be decoration for long time as your pet might enjoy playing with it :) Each bone is made from durable cotton and polyester filling. It measures approx. 7 inches = 18 cm. 

available for purchase here
3. Ho Ho Ho! - Fabric letter ornaments - Create various letters /words (such as Christmas, home, Santa, Love, or members of your family) and place them on a table, window or hang them on a wall or door knob! 

4. Christmas ginger biscuits - I baked these last year and I will definitely do some this year too! If you have kids let them decorate these biscuits. They will love it!! 

You can find various recipes online. 
Tip: Bake these in first/second week of December and leave them in biscuit box for two weeks. They will get softer and taste better!!

If you have any ideas for Christmas decoration please share it with me here ! 

23 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide

Hi Everyone!

It's hard to believe there is only 5 weeks to Christmas. It seems like it was just 2 months ago when I opened my last year's Christmas present... So here we are again .. The magic time of Christmas is back!
I like to have things organized and I always buy gifts early. I don't like crowded shops and long queue so I prefer to buy presents in October/November. This year I bought almost everything online. It is the easiest way how to do your shopping without having a trouble with finding parking space, looking for an assistance for half an hour, or be stock in traffic for ages. That's why I prepared few great items for you as well which I highly recommend as a gift for any member of your family, friend or loved one. Enjoy and let me know if you like it!


1. Printed mini dress. $ 235.00 - Expensive but beautiful and HAND-MADE! 

 2.White tribe Leggings on Etsy $60   

3. Boyish Shirts from the latest Zara Collection

4. Amazing shoes & accessories at United Nude

5. Teddy bear necklace  on Etsy $25.00

6. Bracelet cuff  on Etsy $ 48.00

7. Knitted dress only $ 31.50


1. Christmas sweater shirt! For only $ 20.00

2. Tin Blue Tie  by treiStore 

3.Father and son neck tie set! $48.00

4. Black felt messenger Bag $69.44

5. STEVEN JOBS biography  - Great and inspiring book. You can get it in your local book store or online at www.amazon.com for £ 11.50 


1. Toddler dress on Etsy £30.00

2. Cool Shirt for boys $24.00

3. Baby Bear slippers $32.00

4. Cutie with claws $50.00


1. Dog toy $7.50

2. Dog collar $42.00

3. The Cat Ball $79.00

I hope you like some of the items. Which one do you like the most? If you have some gift ideas please share it with me! 

15 November 2011

DIY project: Chalkboard painted jars - get your kitchen organized!

I decided I wanted some  little jars to keep spices and all various ingredients in my kitchen drawer. I thought a chalkboard paint would be great on glass jars as it is the simplest way how to easily label and relabel the jars. 

It was simple DIY project and everyone can do it in few minutes.
You can find similar project which I did with wine bottles just few days ago HERE.

1. Tape around the edges of where you’re going to put the chalkboard paint. Use masking tape or something similar. I used an ordinary office tape and it took me a long while to remove remaining glue from jars.

2. Stand the jars up and smooth some paint onto the surface.  Paint them from side to side  and try to do it in one or two strokes. Paint top of the lids as well. 

3. Let the paint dry for about 30 minutes. If necessary apply another coat. Leave the jars aside for 1-2 days. Then remove the tape and enjoy writing on them with a chalk!!

13 November 2011

DIY: Chalkboard painted bottles - write a message to your loved one!

I've found a lot of projects to occupy my mind at Pinterest and this is one of them. It took only few minutes to complete! 

Cheer up somebody's day by leaving  a cute message on  a bottle! 

If you want to change message just wipe it up with wet cloth, just like at school! :)

...And here is the tutorial. What you need is:
Chalkboard (Blackboard) paint 
empty wine, beer bottles
paint brush

You can also see some jars on the picture. I painted them as well and use them as herbs/spice jars. I will post the pictures soon!

Paint each bottle with blackboard paint. Stand the bottle up so you can paint each side at once.

Leave it dry for about 30 minutes. And that's it! Now you can leave a message on your new vase :)