29 November 2015

Gift ideas for Christmas

Here is a little list of ideas for Christmas presents. All items comes from Etsy, so everything is handmade. Hope you like them, Happy shopping! 

Gifts for her:

Long sleeves tunic top by AryaSense  £47.10

 Silver cat necklace by mostlikelyShop £72.40 

Gifts for him:

One of a kind bow tie by cyou2nite £11.00

Natural wood felt slippers by aikafeltworks £47.27 

Gifts for a kid:

Minijungle by milimbo £8.69

Wooden Camera by BublyMoon £15.00
Babies Rattle  by  LizzieSimpsonDesign £27

Household gifts 

Decorative pillow cover by sandraarduiniphoto £20.48

Set of 2 pot holders  by Bohelina £23.21

3 set of bird wall hooks by Dubudumo £12.97 

28 November 2015

Geometric necklaces - bow tie alternative PART 1

I became bored of all accessories that I have. When I go buy some new ones I always fine same stuff in all shops. Repetition of "style". Boooring!! I wanted something original and something that describe me. Style I like is of course simple lines, geometric pattern, nothing complicated. So here is what I came up with. 

I combined bits and pieces of quality leatherette and create something like bow tie alternative. Now I can bring life to a boring single color shirt or any plain top. It is very easy to make and you can do it yourself, but If you don't have time or don't feel like doing something, you can also order same in my shop. This one is listed here

Another necklace very similar to the first one. It is very simple to make. It's all about combining right colors and shapes together and that's it! Here is link to this necklace if you like it.
The necklace above is my favorite. It goes well with plain black shirt. You can find more details here

Vivid colors like Yellow can add very nice finish to your outfit. This necklace  is a combination of quality yellow, black and white leatherette and there are also white studs in the middle with tiny black and yellow freckles. For more pictures, info and price please click here .

This diamond shape necklace goes well with collars, but it also look nice on a loose top:

If you like these you might also like my whole range of geometric accessories. Feel free to visit my shop.   
Thank you!