26 January 2011


(fold over clutch collection)
Are you looking for a bag which is pretty unique and it has a retro feeling? Let's taste this! It's fresh, trendy and so juicy! 

This clutch is ideal for a date, night out or for everyday to carry those essential items - cell phone, keys, wallet, lipstick. 

These bags give you a unique look while offering a comfortable feeling of not being overdressed for an event. You can pair it with any of your favourite dress!  

Most of my clutches are made of quality firm cotton fabric, lined with white cotton and reinforced with thin PVC foam to keep straight shape and protect your stuff inside. These clutches have very slim, stylish design and now they are being labelled with cute tiny satin labels on which  you can see MirkaDesign logo and shop web address! 
 - As usual this is a limited edition  -

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  1. You have great product shots! And I love how you added a playful theme to the photos instead of it only being about the bag. I think it gives the clutch a bit more of a story. It's great to "meet" you!

  2. These are so funny, I love food fashion photos!

  3. Thank you so much for your comments! I love the pictures too. It is not only about the product but it has fresh and funny idea too. Pictures were taken by JH Design studio. If you are interested please visit www.hupodesign.com or find out more on Facebook JH design studio.