11 June 2011

Hot international picks on Etsy (part 2)

I fell in love in with so many pieces listed on Etsy for this summer. It was quite hard to pick the top items. That's why I don't do this selections so often :) So here are some hot finds which you can't miss this summer. Enjoy!


C-shaped design, lovely structure and universal colors! That's Rhizome Cuff  made by nervoussystem (Shutesbury, U.S.A.)

beautifully made multi-triangle earrings listed by yumiendo (Sydney & NY,U.S.A.)

Gorgeous snugblossom-lemon-wooden-necklace made by snugstudio (Germany)

And finally very catching, nice and funny accessory - Iphone case by Tokyoinspired (Milan, Italy)

2. Tops & dress:

Slim dress listed by Yuan123 (Henan, China)

Moon Pearl cotton sateen dress by hierapparel (Minneapolis, U.S.A)

bouquet-top made by zoranafrkic (Split, Croatia)

Hand Painted Silk Tank by ConiMatta (Milan,Italy) 

Coco dress by threelittleducksaust (Sydney, Australia)

futuristic-dress by zoephobic (Budapest, Hungary)

tunic made by isabelamyo (France, Europe)

3. Swim-suits & others:

Bathing suit made by ruffeoheartslilsnoty (Brooklyn, U.S.A)

leg-warmers by SockBox (Latvia, EU)

Swimsuit made by plhi (Barcelona, Spain)


  1. Thank you so much to featured my garden dress in your wonderful blog ! Merci Merci :)

  2. thanks mirka!!!
    have a great weekend!!!