27 January 2012

Knitting organizers

When I started selling on Etsy my product range was quite small. Well, it's still small, but it was even smaller at the time! :) My very first item I listed and sold was notebook cover, then laptop cover (sleeve) and then padded bag,.. Since then I have been sewing covers for almost everything! I enjoy doing various covers, cases, bags, ... because they keep things we like protected and safe! 

These cases below are knitting organizers! They are designed to store all your knitting needles (circular, double pointed and straight), hooks & cords as well as extra goodies. 

The fabric I used for this knitting case / organizer is hand-dyed by my friend Beata, who has also Etsy shop where she sells beautiful hand dyed yarns.

The knitting organizers have approx. 30 pockets, the smallest is 1 inch wide, the biggest is 4 inch wide. There is a flap at the top to keep needles in place. 

The above is a knitting case set made for Maire - The first case is just like the one above it and the other one keeps also wool and bigger needles inside while smaller needles are in outside pockets ready to be used anytime. The organizers are made from beautiful Amy Butler fabric.

The light brown fabric with flower print below gives the organizer a vintage feeling. It is one of my favorite!



I have done 3 cases from fabric below which were sold immediately. It closes with Velcro dots, not with strings. I personally think strings are better as the case thickness vary when it's full or half full and it might be a problem to close the organizer exactly where the Velcro spot is.



This was my very first knitting organizer! It is made from durable cotton fabric, it has secret pockets and it also closes with strings. 

I do not have any knitting organizers available for purchase in my shop at the moment. I usually sew them on request. if you are interested please contact me via Etsy or e-mail me!

How about a giveaway? Only 4 days left!!! 


  1. cute!!!


  2. i love them! i keep meaning to knit more.. unfortunately all i do is scarves!

    1. Thank you Danielle, I wish I could do a scarf! I don't knit at all!! :)