09 June 2013

Stages of love - a new collection of my heart shaped pendants

In last couple weeks I became obsessed by creating resin jewels. It's such a nice, relaxing hobby.  Today I want to feature few heart shaped necklaces from my shop. Let's call this LOVE stages, however there are so many that I would have to work many months to express them all in my jewels. 

1. Meeting someone - Heart full of hope, mixed feelings, butterflies in a belly... We all know this feeling. A little red metal flakes in calm green colored resin are my expression of new beginnings and hope.

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2. Falling in love - This is when heart starts to open and receive love. At this stage you're finding yourself smiling a lot, being happier suddenly, being better person. Your heart beats faster every time you think of the "one". You want to be with him/her all the time... My necklace is half full of sparkling metal flakes, as a symbol of good things coming to your heart. 

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3. Heart full of love - You are sparkling with love now, looking so happy and beautiful, the glow of happiness is written all over your face! Every day is suddenly wonderful! Your heart is finally full of love and you feel amazing :) NOTHING is better then spending time with your half. You feel complete.  I think I don't have to explain why this pendant is full of red sparkling pieces! 

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4. Argument/ Misunderstanding / Disappointment in romance may spell the end of the relationship. But it can also make your relationship stronger. All problems in relationship makes you feel blue, your heart suddenly weight a ton and you are not as happy as you were before. Of course this can all be fixed, the basic rule is Conversation! Talk to each other! (Am I trying to be a psychoterapist here? That's not my intention guys :) Just enjoy my necklace :)   

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5. When Love is only a pain -  Have you ever got to a stage in relationship when nothing could save it? Every single day is full of arguments, smile left your faces a long time ago and priority levels of you two are completely opposite?  Your heart feels like it's full of nails, like it's broken to pieces.

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Necklace cloudy love

Necklace Black heart

6. Good friends - It's impossible in most cases, but to preserve a friendship is sometimes better then stay in relationship which doesn't work. A drying tree can be revive if both of you really want to.  

More about necklace here

So, in what stage of love are YOU? 

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