27 March 2015

DIY Origami Rug

I always get excited to find any new Origami  DIY project on Pinterest and can't wait to dive into it. Last time I did  Felt Table mats and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do something similar but in a bigger scale. So.. Here it is .. The Origami rug!

At the time I didn't realize that doing this project in bigger format will take weeks/ maybe months? I usually started at evenings after dinner while watching TV. I didn't have to concentrate as this requires repetition of the same thing on and on again. I felt like a machine! But I enjoyed doing it and I think the result is great, I love my new carpet in our dining room.

 My little helper likes it too!

Below are couple pictures from work in progress. If you want to try to give a go, please visit this amazing blog  'How about orange' where you can download pattern and follow easy steps.

 I have chosen different material rather then felt this time. I used thin carpet, which wasn't probably great choice as it wasn't easy to fold or cut, but at the end it is a carpet so I wanted to go for something durable. If you use felt you will have to reinforce  it with some heavy duty iron or sew on underlay.
Pattern and step by step can be found  here
What you can see below took me about 6 evenings to finish. Yes, there is a lot of cutting, folding, and cutting again involved but I am sure you will love the result of your work at the end, like I did.  

If you find any more interesting origami projects, feel free to share here. I can't wait to make more. Thank you for reading :) 

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