23 September 2010

Laptop sleeves..or Treat your laptop with something useful!

We use laptops every day. Somebody uses a laptop for work, somebody for entertainment and for somebody it is… let’s say the need of the day! We get use to check mails as a first thing when we get home from work (school), write a comment on Facebook, read news on internet... Laptops (computers as well as internet)  have become part of our life. They have changed the face of society. A lot of people can’t imagine existing without them!

As laptops are a daily utility, we should take care of them, protect them. That’s why I decided to create sleeves what protect your laptop from dust, scratches, and abrasions, as well as water damage and other dangers harmful to your computer.

Buying a laptop can cost you a large chunk of cash these days, so it is wise to protect your investment.

I create laptop sleeves for all types, brands and sizes. I design the sleeve to fit the laptop specifically. I always ask my customers to send me the measurements of their laptop or type of their laptop.

My sleeves are lightweight, padded with 3 mm PVC foam insert, lined with soft cotton fabric and secured with straps or velcro flap which keep the laptop from sliding out of the sleeve. Combination of foam and lining protects the laptop from dings, scratches, water, and other harmful external forces.

Most of these laptops are available on viewing and purchasing at

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