28 September 2010

Top "Off the shoulders"

We all know girls like clothing, buying different kinds of dresses, tops, shoes and accessories. Yes, I am one of them, …. Unfortunately :) It is a disease what you simply can’t stop. But what makes me “double excited” about the clothing is when I can create these treasures by myself!

This time I created three tops what have the same design, but different fabric. Tops suit to all shapes of body. Simple lines on the tops can be worn any time, any day, by anyone. Boat opening around your shoulders makes looking your body just perfect in it!

These off the shoulder tops have 3 quarter extra wide sleeves for a free flowing look. 

Half exposed shoulders = sexy look. Simple math :)

These one of a kind wide necked tops can be dressed over a mini skirt, jeans or leggings. Each way, lovely fabric detail and pattern adds very youthful and sexy sense of adventure. You will look great in it!

All the tops are available here

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