29 August 2010


Blog "made.by.me" has been created for my design presentation. I love fabrics and I love to sew. I grew up around sewing as my mum used to create a different kind of beautiful and original clothes for her and myself.

I am an administrative clerk in my day job so sewing has become my creative escape. I try to create different and original things so each product is individually made by me from the pattern creation to final product. All my products are 100% hand-made. I am inspired by my surroundings, my family, friends, nature and the rich textures of everyday life.

Where can you find all my products? 
http://www.mirkadesign.etsy.com/  - available for all customers from all around the world (language English)
www.fler.cz/mirka-design - Czech online shop (language Czech)
www.sashe.sk/bubakfashion - Slovak online shop (language Slovak)

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy making it!



  1. Hi Mirka, I am happy you are found this blog side.
    I am your first visitor ;)
    I am very satisfied with your work. Keep going and never give it up! Your job is great.

  2. Hi Morientes,
    thank you very much for your heartwarming comment! It is great to see my first follower here!!! I will keep you updated with my new designs. Thank you again :)