01 September 2010

DO IT YOURSELF ... or how to create a thread holder

I would like to share one of my ideas which I finally implemented last weekend. I am quite satisfied with a result but I would love to know your opinion.

As a seamstress, dressmaker or craft woman (call me like you want to ..heh) I am always agitated when I can’t find the right threat which I need to use while sewing. So I was trying to find a way how to keep all my threads all together but not messy. I remember my mother asking my father to nail down couple of nails into the piece of timber to get threads organized for her. So I wanted to follow this idea but I also wanted to make it stylish and make it as a part of my workroom.

Firstly I coated the timber with fabric (Ikea fabric) and prepared stencil from paper with word “SEW”. I used nails in size 80 mm ( with smaller nail heads, cca 3-5mm)

After that I nailed down nails in distance of 2 cm. The timber was quite hard so I drilled it firstly. I made small deeper holes for nails to fit in.

It is very easy and I am sure every lady can do this!

... And the thread  holder has born... I hope you like it..

I need to hang on this holder on the wall in my workroom but I guess I will let my boyfriend to do this ... heh!

PS: Girls, mind your fingers while nailing!!!