17 April 2011

Easter Monsters

Easter is just around the corner so I have decided to create something weird for this holidays :) 


I don't know why people create bunnies for Easter which I think have nothing much to do with the religious or historical aspects of the holiday. They probably do it for the same reason as I do. It's so much fun!!! I enjoyed doing these weird large-sized eyes bunnies / monsters :)

It is made from new fluffy super soft kids socks, foam insert (could be pillow polyester insert), polystyrene eye inserts and few buttons!  

It is very simple and easy to make a sock doll. You don't even need sewing machine to do these creatures. All you need is scissors, needle, thread and some old socks! :) You can do it by yourself or help your child create lovely sock bunnies this  holiday. You can find a lot of ideas how to make a  sock doll at various website. Some offer videos or step-by-step presentation.

Good luck and have a fun! 


  1. These are so so cool!

    The Flower Girl