24 March 2012

Hot international picks from Etsy (Part 3)

Hey guys, Spring is here finally! I have found some beautiful items for these long awaited sunny days.  This time I want to show you some brilliant hand-made pieces from Etsy which could be great accessories to any outfit! Let's get started!

Silver V necklace by SPARKLEFARM 

Paper boat brooch by nicenicenice

Silver necklace by lilabelledesign 

Sterling silver joydrop bangles by christinakober

Mini heart silver ring by Everybearjewel

Feather ring  gold infusion by ArtisanTree 

Rewind and Forward Earrings  by uppermetalclass

 Feel free to comment, share or add some links where to find other great accessories! Thank you! 


  1. waw the Paper boat brooch is realy cool :)

    1. Yeah, I love it too! Such a great idea! :)