25 April 2012

DIY scarf

I have loads of remaining pieces of fabrics which I only store in paper bags for "someday" craft projects. Now it's time to start using them! This time I decided to do a scarf in combination of grey leaf printed cotton and  light grey jersey.  

  1. Choose 2 fabrics you like. I chose light-grey jersey fabric and light grey cotton fabric with cute leaves print. 
  2. Cut two long rectangles from each fabric in same length and width. My scarf is made from 170 cm (67 inches) long and 42 cm (16.5 inches) wide rectangles. 
  3. Pin and stitch the sides right sides together to create a long tube.
  4. pull the tube right side out, and pin the seams at the two open ends.
  5. Stitch both sides separately to create long stole
  6. This is it! Very easy 1 hour project! 

Does this scarf look more like a circle scarf? That's because I tied the scarf ends below the front fold! Here are other ways how you can tie a scarf. Isn't it great? (source: Pinterest)


  1. ...too cool and so easy too make! I (heart) it!

  2. waw, that´s niceeeee :)
    but i have one recommendation or request :)
    my english is not very good as you know, so can you write practice in slovak language? pleaseeeee :)