22 April 2012

Triangle print laptop sleeve for a custom order

I posted "Geometry influenced Fashion" article just yesterday and I must  thank to all of you for so many views! As geometry in Fashion succeed I decided to post some pictures of "Triangles" laptop sleeve which I made for Rebecca - an amazing stylish girl and great blogger!  

This laptop sleeve is made of my favorite fabric - colorful triangle print cotton. You could see this fabric here also.

This laptop sleeve, as well as all my laptop sleeves, is made of strong 100% cotton, lined with white fabric and padded with thin PVC foam. This one is also interfaced with thick vliseline for extra protection.

Would you like to see this geometric laptop sleeve in my shop


  1. How very fantastic! my eyes crave this sort of geometric beauty. I wouldn't mind seeing this everyday covering my laptop, or perhaps waking up to it on my pillow! lol
    As for your etsy store, it's making me want to shop :)


    1. Thank you Steph! You made my day! :)