15 November 2011

DIY project: Chalkboard painted jars - get your kitchen organized!

I decided I wanted some  little jars to keep spices and all various ingredients in my kitchen drawer. I thought a chalkboard paint would be great on glass jars as it is the simplest way how to easily label and relabel the jars. 

It was simple DIY project and everyone can do it in few minutes.
You can find similar project which I did with wine bottles just few days ago HERE.

1. Tape around the edges of where you’re going to put the chalkboard paint. Use masking tape or something similar. I used an ordinary office tape and it took me a long while to remove remaining glue from jars.

2. Stand the jars up and smooth some paint onto the surface.  Paint them from side to side  and try to do it in one or two strokes. Paint top of the lids as well. 

3. Let the paint dry for about 30 minutes. If necessary apply another coat. Leave the jars aside for 1-2 days. Then remove the tape and enjoy writing on them with a chalk!!

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