24 November 2011

Christmas decoration ideas

Here are some ideas how  you can decorate your home this Christmas. You can either do it yourself or buy some of these items in my shop
1. Christmas fabric hearts - This cute hearts will bring pleasure and color to your home at Christmas. It is made from red & white cotton fabric and it’s stuffed with soft polyester. 

It's  great for hanging on a door knob, cabinet door or shelf hook! 
available for purchase here
2.  Christmas bone for your dog - well, this cute bone can't be decoration for long time as your pet might enjoy playing with it :) Each bone is made from durable cotton and polyester filling. It measures approx. 7 inches = 18 cm. 

available for purchase here
3. Ho Ho Ho! - Fabric letter ornaments - Create various letters /words (such as Christmas, home, Santa, Love, or members of your family) and place them on a table, window or hang them on a wall or door knob! 

4. Christmas ginger biscuits - I baked these last year and I will definitely do some this year too! If you have kids let them decorate these biscuits. They will love it!! 

You can find various recipes online. 
Tip: Bake these in first/second week of December and leave them in biscuit box for two weeks. They will get softer and taste better!!

If you have any ideas for Christmas decoration please share it with me here ! 

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