11 September 2010

SOCK DOLLS... or let’s call them BUBAK FAMILY

I found a craft book in a book shop that used socks to make dolls couple months ago. It inspired me.  I bought that book and when I got home, I tried my hand at doll making with one of my stray socks. My boyfriend liked the idea too and  at that day we created few weird funky creatures from old socks. You won’t believe that but It was such a fun!  Since then it became such adorable hobby for me. I started making more of these little creatures from new baby socks bought in local stores and started to sell dolls in my shops. I was impressed how many people like them! Let’s have a look at them!

Fishy, fishy, fishyyyyyy!

Each of them has its own story, its own character.  I am trying to make  one of a kind funky, cheerful creatures not only for kids but adults too

This one is called "Music lover" 

You can find more of these cute "Bubaks" at my shop www.mirkadesign.etsy.com    in section "funky creatures"  http://www.etsy.com/shop/MirkaDesign?section_id=6736264

"White Dot"

Make a cute fashion spot on your handbag by adding this little doll into the pocket! 


You can also turn your odd socks into fun characters and create your very own crazy menagerie of colourful creatures! It is very simple!

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